About Us

Hi! We’re Adrian and Pamela Stovall. Here’s a little bit about us:

Adrian: I am a graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Chemical Engineering. In addition, I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Theology from Shiloh Bible College. My ministry experience is varied, serving as a pastor and associate pastor in California, Iowa, and Texas. I have created Bible-study, discipleship, and ministry development programs in all the churches I have served.

Until 2011, I had been bi-vocational, working in corporate management as well as ministry. I’ve since retired from the corporate world and now concentrate my efforts in pastoral care and writing. In 2005, I co-authored the book, Marriage is Not for the Faint of Heart, with my wife, Pamela as well as authoring the book, No God-Free Zone: Understanding the Presence of God.

Pamela: I am a former educator, teaching levels from elementary to adults. One of my most rewarding assignments was teaching in a men’s medium security prison in Iowa. I have mentored and life-coached many women (young and old, married and single) across several states as well as lead and run numerous women’s workshops and conferences.

Both of us are certified life and marriage coaches and. We have coached countless couples and individuals for success in life and enjoy the challenge of helping married (and pre-married) couples pursue healthy, long-lasting relationships.

Check out our past blog “Marriage Adventures” at sacredcovenantkeepers.wordpress.com

What we do

Marriage Coaching

Taking a couple from conflicted to committed is something we truly enjoy. Being able to assist married individuals in learning how to become marriage partners and best friends is such a rewarding experience for us. We love seeing marriages enriched by the inclusion of God’s Word in their every day lives.


Nearly all of the problems individuals and couples have can be traced back to poor communication skills. We direct our couples to a specialized program called Life Languages® to help them understand how they communicate and how to bridge the communication gap between themselves and others.

You can find more about taking the profile in the “Contact” page.

Pre-marital Coaching

We take brand-new, wide-eyed couples with high hopes and mostly unrealistic expectations and teach them how to become a great team, working together to create a union that honors God in everything they do.

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